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Chiropractic Lincoln NE About Us

Dr. Stan Schulte started practicing in 2007 and is here to share the message of healing through chiropractic care in Lincoln NE with the community.

Wellness for Lincoln NE Families

We’re able to provide chiropractic care for all ages, from newborn babies to those well into their 80s and 90s. This wide range is due to Dr. Schulte’s specialized training in a technique unlike any other. It requires a light touch and is easy for our patients to receive. This technique is neurologically based, and there’s no twisting, turning, or popping.

At The Wellness Way – Lincoln we promote whole-body healing. In addition to chiropractic care to remove nerve interferences, proper nutrition, exercise, and detoxification of the body, all play roles in reaching your health goals. Our care is highly specific, and Dr. Schulte will fully check you before you leave to make sure your body is ready to operate at its highest level.

Lincoln Wellness Center Vision

Chiropractic care with us is more than just treating your symptoms. It will allow you to receive optimal levels of health so you can reach your God-given potential and fulfill your purpose in life. We have the privilege of seeing lives change every day. Get back to doing the things you love with the help of chiropractic care!

Sharing Our Knowledge

We like to say that we have doctor-doctor relationships with our patients, rather than the traditional doctor-patient interaction. Dr. Schulte will take the time to explain what your X-rays and scans mean, so you can actually read them yourself. You’ll know just what your body needs to operate at its highest function. Much of our success is due to our patients feeling empowered to better their health.

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