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Dr. Schulte's Thyroid Care In Lincoln NE

Signs of thyroid issues can appear in various forms of symptoms such as a change in hair, skin, nails, and bowels such as constipation and diarrhea. Additionally, the onset of mood swings, depression, and weight increase point to a thyroid problem. An endocrinologist will test for high TSH (thyroid stimulated hormone) levels, which is then lowered back to a healthy range with medication. Though, TSH is a hormone in the brain which then tells the thyroid what it needs to do. Eventually, your tests may come back in the normal range, yet still leave you leftover with the original symptoms.

If TSH balance is restored, why would someone dealing with a thyroid issue still feel the toll of their symptoms? Well, there are many steps in between the brain releasing the TCH and the thyroid activating the hormone for use. For this reason, medication does not simply solve all thyroid related An alternative issue in the body such as inflammation can affect the hormone’s ability to bind to cells. Leaky gut is another contributing factor to thyroid issues. This is because inflammation plays an effect on the stomach, adrenal glands, and thyroid gland. These contributing factors are why your TSH results may come back in the normal range after medication, yet the symptoms are still prevalent since the underlying issues have not been identified and treated.

At Lincoln Wellness Center, we evaluate multiple possibilities through specific testing. What could be initially thought of as a thyroid issue may be stemming from an underlying cause, triggering irritation and improper activity of the thyroid gland.

Underlying Health Problems

It is common for thyroid problems to stem from various underlying health factors. For example, about 80% of those who suffer from thyroid malfunction have an autoimmune disorder such as Grave’s or Hashimoto’s disease which go undetected. It is unlikely to be tested for antibodies unless the doctor is specifically prompted to. The difference at Lincoln Wellness Center is rather than focusing on symptomatic medication, we focus our assessment on the basis of immunity and bodily communication and function. This includes the production of hormones, destruction of the thyroid via autoimmune conditions, or bodily interference.

If a medical professional does not look at the overall picture and only focuses on a symptomatic approach, it is clear why someone can still feel unwell despite their thyroid tests passing as normal. These tests look for T4 (pure synthetic thyroxine), which is what thyroid medication first sends to the brain which the brain then sends to the pituitary gland. This convinces the body that it has enough TSH, leading to normal levels of TSH when tested. With this medicated approach, the T4 synthetic hormone completely bypasses potential underlying health problems.

Back On The Road To Being Healthy

Not knowing any better, patients will oftentimes continue to follow the symptomatic medication route after their initial thyroid medication fails to help them feel better. This is a tricky road, as a patient may be prescribed multiple other medications with no progress in assessing the root cause of their ailment.

Feel free to call our team or visit our clinic at Lincoln Wellness Center and we will arrange a consultation for you. Age, genetics, or luck have little to do with your suffering from thyroid issues. Much like all other ailments, we test for what is dysfunctional on a bodily level rather than trial and error.



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