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Dr. Schulte's Hormone Balancing In Lincoln NE

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Hormones and Importance of Testing

At Lincoln Wellness Center, we feel that insufficient or complete lack of hormone testing plays a prominent role in people’s healthcare struggles in Lincoln NE. Many patients only have blood drawn, which just tests for estrogen levels, and sometimes progesterone or testosterone. Many women face difficulty in having their hormone levels tested, oftentimes told by their doctor that it is unnecessary. Even if estrogen is tested it is usually only for one or two types out of seven total kinds of estrogen in a woman’s body.

Despite possible testing of testosterone, progesterone, and DHEA levels, the tests are carried out at a basic snapshot level. Due to a basic or complete lack of testing, patients are left with minimal feedback and frustration from a lack of helpful information. All hormones within the bodywork together, thus are all important. With an imbalance in hormones, even proper diet and exercise may still leave you wondering why you feel unwell.

The Steroid Hormone Pathway in Lincoln NE

s the connection among specific hormones that are precursors which communicate to the body that more of a given hormone must be created. It is clear to see how many women struggle with their hormone balance if they are not provided with a complete table of hormones. Only focusing on one level of the hormone does not explain the full communicative process among all hormones within the body. Further assessments should be made to understand if the body is making enough of a hormone, if hormones are being properly converted, if cells are positioned to use hormones effectively, or if bodily inflammation is causing a blockage that prevents the right amount of a hormone to be utilized.

It is popular for women to be prescribed estrogen, progesterone, or even testosterone hormone creams. These creams can help temporarily but act as more of a short-term solution to a long-term underlying factor. This causes women to remain frustrated as the creams can only do so much without a deeper assessment of bodily hormone function.

Urine Testing for Hormones

At Lincoln Wellness Center, we prefer to test for female hormones via a urine sample. This provides us with a 5 - point sample, as opposed to a 1 - point sample of a blood draw that provides a very narrow view of the full picture. Through urine testing, metabolites become identifiable which is an essential way to display hormone pathways. By viewing hormone pathways in the body, we are able to assess both weak pathways as well as favored hormone pathways. This is a more natural approach to hormone imbalance compared to creams and synthetic hormones which can lead to implications later on such as cancer.

Regardless of if you are on bioidentical hormones for just a short term or for over a decade, as soon as you no longer take them your body will destruct again since the body would not know how to independently create these hormones. Our focus is on developing a balanced body that can sustain its own proper hormone creation for natural results that last a lifetime.

If you are unhappy with your hormone results through medication, then we believe you must look on a deeper level at all hormone pathways. This is made possible through our urine test at Lincoln Wellness Center. We are happy to work with you in whichever way is most convenient for you. Results can be discussed in person, over the phone, or online.

The hormone testing is done by collecting a dry sample of urine which provides complete hormone and adrenal mapping. Testing takes place between days 19 - 22 of a woman’s cycle in order to have a specific baseline of levels to look for. This timing is critical, as improper timing of these tests completely discredits all results, making the test meaningless.

We Don’t Guess, We Test

Oftentimes it is far more beneficial to focus on bodily healing rather than relying on medications. It begins with finding the right doctor to know what to test for and how to get those results. Stress tends to affect women more than men because of the biological hormone pathways.

At Lincoln Wellness Center, we work with both males and females on their varying needs. Most importantly, we are prepared to address what is going on in your body on a full-scale level and promote healing in order for your body to get back on track independently.

You do not need to deal with unsatisfying results based on a medicated approach to your hormone imbalance. Reach out to our team to begin the wellness journey you deserve.



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