While we have treated thousands of patients at Lincoln Wellness Center, here is what people have to say about their experience at our office.


""When I first went to Dr. Schulte, my husband and I were suffering with secondary infertility for 18 months and I was tense and anxious often. He explained my body was stuck in fight or flight mode and helped get to the root of some hormone imbalances.

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After working with him for less than 3 months both in the chiropractic side and functional medicine side, I am happy to say I am no longer tense all the time, I am feeling better than I ever have, and we conceived and are expecting our miracle baby this December. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Schulte and his staff. They truly care about every patient that comes in and will work to find a solution to every problem. I cannot be more grateful for him and his team!"

- Courtney W. -

Chiropractic Lincoln NE Five Stars

"Cannot recommend this clinic enough! Dr. Schulte and Rachel both seem to truly care.

I have suffered from endometriosis, PCOS, hashimotos, depression/suicidal thoughts, debilitating anxiety, extreme fatigue, and acne.

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I cannot believe how much relief I’ve experienced in such a short amount of time under his care. Menstrual pain that I have experienced monthly, for years, has decreased dramatically. My energy has increased, mood has improved and I even feel stable enough to get through a full day of work now.Dr. Schulte and Rachel have done more for me physically and mentally in a month’s time, than my endocrinologist could in a year’s time. So thankful to have found this option rather than traditional medicine. I truly feel like I am getting to the root of my problems. Thanking God for finding this doctor!"

- Clare M. -

Chiropractic Lincoln NE Five Stars

"I can't say enough positive things about Dr. Schulte and his team! Two years ago I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I was immediately put on Synthroid and over the next year or so following that - constantly felt fatigue, hurting joints, moodiness and stomach cramps.

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After getting a full thyroid panel done through Dr. Schulte, I learned so much that my regular physician had never touched on.

Fast forward to today, I feel better than I've felt in years and even down a few pounds. I highly recommend this team of wonderful people!"

- Janet B. -

Chiropractic Lincoln NE Five Stars

"When medical doctors failed to help me and shrugged off my symptoms and issues, I thankfully discovered Dr Schulte and Lincoln Wellness Center. I've been seeing Dr Schulte for almost 2 years now.

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He has helped me with gut issues, guided me through a healthy pregnancy and now a healthy postpartum phase. I'm feeling better and looking forward to more true HEALTH care for myself and family."

- Sara R. -

Chiropractic Lincoln NE Five Stars

"Type 2 Diabetes gone! I have been seeing Dr. Schulte at Lincoln Wellness Center for over a year now. I came in with thyroid issues and was on Metformin for diabetes. I started on an herbal regiment according to my specific needs and am happy to say I am completely off of Metformin and have an A1C of 5.3.

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My thyroid issues have also been resolved. I will be 60 in two weeks and I do not take any medications. Dr. Schulte and his office staff are incredible and I always look forward to my visits."

- Suzy L. -

Chiropractic Lincoln NE Five Stars

"Dr. Schulte and his team are wonderful! I have an autoimmune thyroid disorder and thanks to his expertise and focus on identifying the underlying causes and not just focusing on treating symptoms - I'm feeling great and at age 53 and happy to say I’m not taking any medications at all for my disorder.

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I'm managing it all through supplements and healthy eating. Thanks Dr. Schulte and team - you rock!"

- Vicki K. -

Chiropractic Lincoln NE Five Stars

"I have been struggling for years with chronic pain, chronic fatigue, weight gain, autoimmune disorders, depression and anxiety. I went to Dr. Schulte upon a friends recommendation and my life changed completely. With their intensive holistic knowledge of the human body’s innate ability to heal...

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I have been feeling better than I ever have and I’ve lost almost 40 pounds. I would highly recommend Lincoln Wellness Center for anyone that is looking for true, deep healing and real answers to their health and happiness."

- Meghan F. -

"I have been receiving care for a year now and I am so thankful that we came upon it! Initially, my husband was going to only get care, but after discussing with Dr. Schulte about the benefits, I had to come, too!

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- Cassandra H. -

"I have been seeing chiropractors all my life, but never one like Dr. Schulte! He has taken my almost daily headaches and monthly migraines and reduced them to almost 0! I can’t thank him enough for all the help he has provided me!"

- Jade H. -

"I met Dr. Schulte at the Women’s Expo a few years ago. I had excruciating pain in my neck and shoulders and a nagging ache in my left hip. After the first exam, he found problems in those areas, and after his first treatment, my hip...

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pain was gone! After several more, my neck and shoulders were pain-free. Due to the computer/paperwork that irritated that area, I continued having adjustments on a twice-monthly basis or, more often if needed to address that problem. I have attended several of Dr. Schulte’s healthy living presentations and made changes in my food choices as I became aware of new issues. I feel good and enjoy walking, and aerobics (joined the YMCA) and haven’t had a cold or flu in 2 years."

- Diane G. -

"I have been visiting Dr. Schulte’s office for a couple of years now. These visits have become an essential part of my overall health. On my last visit, I arrived with pain in my neck caused by my grandkids jumping on me and “dogpiling”. I felt remarkable after one adjustment. It was amazing!!

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I’ve recommended Dr. Schulte to everyone I know, and will continue to do so."

- Diane R. -

"I started my care with Dr. Schulte a year ago when I was having alignment problems with my neck, vision problems while driving, and anxiousness causing muscle shakiness. I started care 3 times a week and went to bed earlier to get 8 hours of sleep a night. Once I made these changes, my ...

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symptoms gradually got better. My scans originally showed a lot of tension near my left shoulder blade in black. Now I have been symptom-free from my afflictions for months. My family and I all receive care and haven’t been sick in months. I would say the cost of care can look daunting upfront, but the savings on doctor visits and medications are worth thousands of dollars. Thank you so much, Dr. Schulte and team!"

- Mark H. -

"Years of working on my feet had left my lower back, knees, and neck in a constant ache. Now that I have been receiving Dr. Schulte’s care, my aches have faded and when I do get the occasional “tweak”, my recovery time is minimal. I have noticed a change in my posture.

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My aching knees are gone. My lower back pain is gone. I wholeheartedly recommend Schulte Chiropractic."

- Brennan S. -

"Absolutely wonderful! I started out unable to bend and run without pain due to bursitis. Day one, able to squat and bend. I ran without pain shortly after! Each visit is like a “massage”! I can tell each time how much Dr. Schulte is helping! Love Rachel, too!"

- Jennifer T. -


"Schulte Chiropractic is a wonderful place! I first came to Schulte Chiropractic in 2012. My two daughters seemed to get sick all the time and we were constantly going to the pediatrician. I was at my wit's end and turned to chiropractic care to see if this would help our overall health! 

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My girls started getting healthier each day and with each adjustment. With Dr. Schulte’s help plus probiotics and vitamin D3 drops, my girls are the healthiest they have ever been!"

- Abbey M. -

"I met Dr. Schulte at the Women’s Expo and I was in so much pain with neck and shoulder pain. He did a scan that day and said I had quite a few things going on. The next day I had an appointment with him. He did an x-ray and adjustment. I started feeling better. I set a regular return adjustment...

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program and I also had a lot of indigestion problems and had been to several specialists and lots of treatment and medicine. Nothing helped. Dr. Schulte wanted to start a healthy living system. No sugar (I love to bake so had lots of sugar), no salt, no potatoes, pasta, flour, wheat, milk, and soy. I started that cold turkey and within one week I had no stomach pain or diarrhea with adjustments and healthy living, I am 99% better and have lost weight every week. Thank you, Dr. Schulte and Rachel."

- Peggy H. -

"Coming to Schulte Chiropractic was the best decision I ever made. I feel happy, healthy, and vibrant now. The care I have received here has made a world of difference in all areas of my life giving me more energy to live life and do my job at a whole new level."

- Georgia G. -


"I started seeing Dr. Schulte for adjustments while I was pregnant with my second child. He helped alleviate the hip and back pain I was experiencing. After a few adjustments, I began to sleep better at night and feel better during the day. The adjustments are gentle yet effective."

- Kayleen -

"I have been seeing Dr. Schulte since July 1. My neck and back no longer hurt on a daily basis. I have also lost 14 pounds by changing my eating habits."

- Darlene -


"After a bad experience with a different chiropractor, I was kind of skeptical until my girlfriend recommended Schulte Chiropractic. Only two weeks in and I already feel like a completely different person. Haven’t had a migraine since and I have the confidence that even more improvements are around the corner. Thank you, Schulte Chiropractic."

- A.W. -

"Life-changing! Dr. Schulte provides a total healing approach to wellness that focuses on all dimensions of healthy living, not just spine health. Love it and feel the difference every day."

- Nancy S. -