What To Expect in Lincoln NE

Chiropractic Lincoln NE What To Expect

You’re warmly welcomed to receive one-of-a-kind chiropractic care in our modern, unique chiropractic clinic in Lincoln NE.

Your First Visit In Lincoln NE

The necessary paperwork for this visit can be found on our website and brought in completed with you. When you arrive, our staff at the front desk will greet you. They’ll take you on an office tour so you can get a feel for us and how we’re different. Our collection of patient testimonials will also be available for you. These accounts will allow you to gain a better understanding of what it is that we do and will help you to see the success others have had with our care.

Dr. Schulte will then sit down with you to go over your health and life goals. If there’s a potential that you’d be a good fit for our office, we’ll proceed to further testing, including:

  • Neurological scans
  • Digital X-rays

These tests will allow us to assess your nervous system and detect any misalignment or degeneration in your spine. Then, we’re done for the day! You’ll be scheduled back for a return visit to review your findings. You can plan on being here for about a half-hour.

Your Second Visit

Dr. Schulte has taken the time between your appointments to assess and analyze your scans and X-rays. In order to guarantee our results, not everyone is able to be accepted into care in our office. If the doctor determines that you are a good candidate for care, he will walk you through, step by step, what it’s going to take in order to achieve the best results possible. Upon deciding which approach to care is best for you, the first adjustment will be given and the healing process will begin.

You’ll also receive home care instructions to get the best results possible for your individual condition and case. This visit takes about one hour.

Care Program Duration

The length of time you remain under care with us depends on how long you want to see results. It’s always your choice. What we see in our practice most often is that patients choose to come in because they want a high level of health. It’s just like brushing your teeth. You don’t do it because you’re in pain, but because it’s part of a healthy lifestyle. We consistently teach our patients how to live their best life possible.

Advanced Health Talks

Dr. Schulte wants to make sure the latest information about health is available to you. To share this knowledge, we hold regular health talks that you’re welcome to attend. These talks are on a variety of topics such as preventing cancer, heart disease or diabetes, weight loss, nutrition, or reaching your goals.

Are there any other questions you have? We’d be happy to discuss them with you. Contact Lincoln Wellness Center today.



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